USB-A to Bare Wire Power Cable SKU: 14082

USB-A to Bare Wire Power Cable

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USB portable power packs are great if you’re a USB device. Power up your projects with a USB power sources with this 22AWG 1M long USB-A power cable.

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$2.50 USD
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This 1M cable is ideal for connecting the power output from a USB power point or battery bank to power whatever 5V device you want to hard-wire into it.

Got some dumb proprietary 5V power jack on your car cam? Use this to hack it into something you can simply plug into your existing 5V USB ports rather than taking up the whole valuable power-point (aka: cigarette lighter) jack on the dash! It’s got beefy 22AWG power lines to move a good amount of current to your project.

  • 1M Long
  • USB-A connector
  • 22 AWG Red/Black power cables (no data lines)

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Weight .024 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm