Sparkfun IC Hook with Pigtail SKU: 14014

Sparkfun IC Hook with Pigtail

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These are good quality IC test hooks with a male connection wire. Instead of a single hook, these have two hooks that are capable of grabbing very small points (like DIP IC legs).

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$6.09 USD
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Comes in a bag of five IC hooks of different colors (black, red, white, blue, and green). We use them with the Bus Pirate breakout cable but they are very cool on their own. Use them for troubleshooting and probing the smallest of circuits. Get in where scope probes and multimeters can’t. Hook onto the bottom of vertical mount components and leave your test connection there while you adjust your scope/logic analyser settings. These hooks won’t slip off your connection so you’ll never have to do the “probe polka” or “multimeter mambo” ever again.

Wire length is 2.5″ long and the male pin easily inserts into breadboard or any other standard 0.1″ spacing female connectors like on the Freeduino for example. You can always extended their length and/or change the gender of the connection with some female jumpers as well.

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