PICAXE Project Boards

Dave Hrynkiw
February 27, 2009

28510 PICAXE 28 Project BoardFor the past few months we've had bundles for many of the PICAXE project boards. They come with cables and a battery holder, and are generally what you need if you're getting started in this kind of stuff for the first time. But what if you already have all those fun appetizers on the side, and you just need the meat and potatoes? We're now offering the project boards on their own in the following flavours:

Mind you, I'm not sure you'd want flavoured meat and/or potatoes. I mean sure - a lil' dill here and some oregano there is one thing. But raspberry meat with caramel potatoes? No thanks. On the other hand though, if we were to coat carrots in chocolate maybe we could get Dave, our president and fearless leader, to eat his vegetables.

Wait, I'm not done yet! You thought that was it? There's one more thing - an after-dinner treat if you will. Perhaps something like a slice of pork-flavoured cheese cake.


Are you ready?


*ahem* It's kinda hard to get really excited by those, but they're still pretty useful nonetheless.

Anyways forks, have a great weekend and enjoy what's left of February!


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December 2, 2004
Tom Gray's "SpringTail"

Just tripped over this link on the Yahoogroups BEAM mailing list. Nice looking walker - built using our BEP boards too!

September 19, 2000
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