PICAXE is dead! Long live PICAXE!

Dave Hrynkiw
April 24, 2009

Well we hate to break it to you, but the PICAXE-40X1 has kicked the bucket. Shuffled off the mortal coil.  Wacked, given up the ghost, became living-challenged, croaked, sprouted wings, snuffed out.


Well, that's not the case. But is does (did?) have beautiful plumage.

But that's okay - it's now back at the old family farm running around free with all the other discontinued PICAXE chips. It'll be happy there for ever and ever. But what about you, the grieving? Well, you know what they say - two is better than one. In this case, X2 is better than X1. And there's two X2's, so you're getting, like, four times the awesomeness. The replacements have the following new features:PICAXE-40X2

  • Up to 4 internal program slots and 32 external program slots
  • Increased RAM, up to 256 bytes + 1024 bytes scratchpad
  • Increased operating speed, up to 40MHz
  • Individual pin input/outut control
  • 0-10 ADC pins available

And like I said, it comes in two flavours: the standard PICAXE-40X2 and the PICAXE-40X2 Low Voltage (which runs on 1.8-3.6V). They're available now to be ordered and fill the empty void the ol' 40X1 has left.

In the mean time, we have one last tidbit for you. Remember that certain desktop energy seed lamp made by a certain Jérôme Demers? Well, voting is now open over at the Instructables contest. So if you have youself an account, feel free to go over here and toss yours in for the count. You'll make a certain little Québécois boy very very happy.


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