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Dave Hrynkiw
August 13, 2011

Howdy folks. I have some bad news. It has just become painfully apparent that the summer is a mere two weeks from its conclusion. Where did it all go? Can't we have a little bit longer? Please? Hrmph, I guess not. That means we need to make the best of the next dozen-or-so days by doing the things we enjoy the most. And I'm pretty sure the things that you, dear reader, enjoy the most are our new product posts, so we'll do our part to chip in to make the remainder of the summer as pleasant as it can be. It's the least we can do, and it's for the greater good. This week we're featuring a fist full of neat stuff from Sure Electronics. They actually had their booth directly behind us at Maker Faire, and had some classic PacMan setup for people to play. Working the Faire away to a constant wakka wakka wakka certainly made things a lot more fun, and gave us an insatiable craving for cherries. Anyways, here's our new stuff which, sadly, is not PacMan related at all:

3 Pairs of Male and Female 2.1mm DC Power Jacks 3m Digital Thermal DS18B20 Sensor ProbeWhite LED Light Strip
40-Segment LED Bar Display with Driver board3-Axis Low-G Accelerometer MMA7260 Prototype PCBPICkit 3 Development Programmer/Debugger

  • 3 Pairs of Male and Female 2.1mm DC Power Jacks - This kit includes 3 female and 3 male DC power connector plugs. Each plug is high-quality, brand new and professional for CCTV installers and excellent for all other AC/DC power applications.
  • 3m Digital Thermal DS18B20 Sensor Probe  - A rugged beast, beings epoxy encapsulated within a stainless steel tube and ready to brave the elements.
  • White LED Light Strip - Use these these 5060 12V DC LEDs to light up the darkest of places including but not limited to: closets, shelves, drawers, backpacks, lunch kits, trees, plants. You know, all those crazy places.
  • 40-Segment LED Bar Display with Driver Board - Communicates via an SPI-Like protocol, and can be used for any number of applications.
  • 3-Axis Low-G Accelerometer MMA7260 Prototype PCB - This accelerometer can detect freefall, motion, tilt, acceleration in 3 different axes and output an analog voltage accordingly.
  • PICkit 3 Development Programmer/Debugger - For in-circuit serial programming or debugging PIC series microcontrollers by Microchip.
  • Visibility Light Sensor -  This module can be controlled with external circuit to quantify and record the brightness of ambient environment, thus providing a hardware infrastructure for intelligent controlling system that varies according to the ambient brightness.
  • Digital Thermometer Gauge - This unit reads out temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit (user selectable). The temperature is displayed both in a digital readout and an analog bar graph.

What's that? You're still here? You want one more thing? Fine, but only this once. A few weeks back, we posted about our pal DJ Sures and his EZ-B Wall-E robot. And that robot has been pretty busy, getting featured in a bajillion other places, like Hack-a-Day and Engadget. Well, for those of you who want to try your hand at the same project, we've created a Wall-E parts bundle that features the key components you'll need to get going in one convenient bundle.

As one of our interns used to say, "That's it, that's all." There's no more. Go home. Get some sunshine. Eat some cherries. Wakka wakka.


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