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Dave Hrynkiw
June 13, 2001

We've been busy gathering new BEAM products, and now with the release of the new website engine, we're able to finally post them!


  • CP.047F - 0.047F 5.5V capacitors
  • CP10F - 10F 1.6V capacitors (return of an old favourite!)
  • MCM2 - a new metal cassette mechanism with very cool parts
  • VPM - a tiny disk vibe motor
  • SM1 - a great little stepper motor, with good efficiency
  • SWT7 - like our DPDT SWT3 switch, but top-mounted lever
  • PP1, 2, 3 & 4 - really neat little spring-loaded push pins for walker feet, touch sensor probes, and other pokey-type applications
  • SPin24 - Need socket pins? Here's 24 on a neat DIP (2-row) carrier
  • ZVP2106 - By popular request, the P-channel complement to the popular ZVN2106 Zetex FET

Back on Sale:

  • CPXmas - Our mid-summer Capacitor Special (2 each of the CP1000, CP3300, & CP4700)
  • SCXmas1 - Our mid-summer Solarcell Special 1 (2 each of the SC2422, SC2433, and SC3733)
  • SCXmas2 - Our mid-summer Solarcell Special 2 (2 each of the SC2433, SC3733, and SC3766)

Watch for more updates coming fast'n'furious!


February 19, 2012
Closed Monday The 20th For Family Day

Well folks, ever since the phone uprising last month, the meatsacks staff have been mumbling something about their own mutiny. It would appear that the time off at Christmas was not enough for them and their families, so we're giving in and letting them join the rest of Canada in celebrating Family Day on Monday, […]

March 20, 2003
GM2/3 Wheels!

WooHOO! We managed to get large, grippy wheels made for our GM2 & GM3 series of gearmotors! If you're familiar with the Parallax / MarkIII style Minisumo, these wheels might look familiar. The critical difference is that these wheels are keyed to fit the double-flat of our own gearmotors! We're presently stocking the black and […]

October 25, 2017
Solarbotics at Maker Faire Calgary

Are you located in or around Calgary? Do you like cool projects and neat-o people making neat-o things? Are you looking for something mega-awesome to do this weekend? If you answered yes to all (or any) of these questions, we have some good news for you: The Maker Faire Calgary is happening this weekend. There'll be lots […]

February 23, 2018
APA102-2020 MicroNova Custom LED Choker

I created this choker as a project to demonstrate the new MicroNova APA102-2020 LED strips. Photo by Yeti, edited by Batgirl These addressable LEDs are extremely small, less than 1/4 the size of a standard 5050 LED. This project was built using engineering sample standard MicroNova 99 LED / meter strips . The MicroNova strips we are selling have 198/meter - […]

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