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Dave Hrynkiw
November 1, 2001

Besides introducing a whole new batch of Push-Pogopins (and their measurements) into the 'misc' category, we've just introduced our 'D2' Germanium Diode.

This diode is pretty good - better than the 1N270 and 1N34 types, with a voltage dropout of only 0.36V at 50mA! We're not exactly sure what type it is, but since we only have a limited quantity, I suggest you jump on these while we have them.

We also have just introduced the LMP1 and LMP2 Leg Mounting Pads. If you're familiar with our ScoutWalker kits, you'll already be familiar with the technique we use to mount the legs to the servos. We've been getting requests for these things separate from the kit, so we've brought in two styles: The "standard" LM1 regular mounting pads, and the "Heavy" LM2 style like we use in our walker kits.

They're sold in pairs, complete with the tiny screws needed to screw them to practically any servo arm.

More coming soon!


December 14, 2012
Friday New Product Post - New Arduino, M...

Stupid calendar! I almost wanted to congratulate everyone on surviving Friday the 13th... But the dumb calendar did not cooperate. So I have no choice but to complain. Maybe even submit a report to the calendar. Those stubborn days and their numbers, they will answer for such a misbehavior. Arduino Due $58.95 The long awaited […]

July 29, 2005
Closed for August Long Weekend

Hi all. Yup, time for another long weekend! We'll be back to it Tuesday morning, so until then, keep them solar cells clean!

October 7, 2005
Mmmmmm...Turkey....(insert drool here).

Monday October 10th is Canadian Thanksgiving and Solarbotics will be closed so all our employees can spend the day with their families. We will be open on Tuesday October 11th at 9:00am MST and all will be business as usual again. Happy Thanksgiving folks!

January 25, 2001
We want Your Input!!!

We are working on fixing the bugs in the website, along with a number of other improvements. Some of you may already know that we are rewriting the ordering portion, making processing your BEAM needs that much easier. It is approaching it's release very quickly, we are just doing the final testing now! So give […]

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