New Books, Closed Monday 2nd

Dave Hrynkiw
July 29, 2010

So apparently Monday here in Albertaland is "Heritage Day". Which, quite frankly, sounds rather uninspiring. Don't get me wrong - any excuse for a statutory holiday is a good one. But the name seems rather vague and underwhelming. And thus I began my quest to find the true meaning of Heritage Day. So as any good Citizen of the Internets would do, I typed "define: heritage" into my trusty Google toolbar, and hit enter. Lo and behold, the first result was from, which I promptly skipped over due to incredible overtones of BORING. Ah, but the second definition is what I was after. As Wikipedia describes, The Heritage was "a one-off European Tour men's professional golf 72-hole tournament contested in 2004 on the Duke's Course at Woburn Golf and Country Club near Milton Keynes, England. The event was sponsored by the International Management Group and offered a prize fund of €2,000,000." So I thought to myself, "Really? A Canadian province celebrating the 6-year anniversary of a golf tournament in England?" But then I realized that €2,000,000 is quite a bit of money (probably). All those zeros sure look mighty impressive. That, and members of management groups tend to be the ones that decide on important issues such as stat holidays. So stand tall fellow citizens of Alberta. On Monday, August the 2nd we will reflect on the passing of The Heritage.

What does this mean to the people of the rest of the world who don't celebrate The Heritage, probably because they're not so big on golf and/or many Euros? It means that Solarbotics and HVW Tech will be closed on Monday, August the 2nd. Usual rules apply - submit orders, email, and leave phone messages to your heart's content. We'll be back up and running on Tuesday, processing your orders and replying to any correspondence we've received.

"But wait," you say, "I just happen to like golf/Euros/The Heritage, and/or I wish I could join in on the festivities!" Well, it just so happens that Santa Claus Henrik Stenson (who won The Heritage) left a present under the tree tee. We've just added an imperial boatload-worth (a totally legitimate form of measurement) of books to our lineup. No, we're serious. We added so many books that we had to take our single Books category and break it down into no less than six different sub-sections. So, like, if par for a book category was 8 subcategories, then we'd have an eagle (two under par), which sounds pretty impressive. If we had seven, it'd be a birdie, which sounds far too lame. Nine categories and it'd be a bogey. Which, if you think of bogeys as unidentified enemy combatants ("Bogey on your six! Go evasive!!"), it's pretty awesome and action-packed. Unlike golf.


So go on over and check out all them literatures. And while you're at it, there are some new sales going down at, including lots of Phidgets inventory on for 10-20% off. Remember - if you put in an order both on Solarbotics and HVWTech, let us know (email, phone, or leave a comment when submitting your order) and we'll merge the two together and adjust your shipping costs.

And without further delay, we wish all y'all a great The Heritage weekend. We've reached the cut-off deadline for applicants to review free BeetleBots, and I'll be be sending out emails to those that wrote in early next week.


July 14, 2006
Make 06 Trimet

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January 11, 2016
Monday New Product: Solder and Grove

Lead-free Solder Spool (100g) $9.55 Solder, without lead! Adapter, 9VDC @ 1A $6.79 This Adapter, 9V @ 1A is a economical power transformer. Grove - Universal 4 Pin 20cm Unbuckled Cable (5 PCs Pack) $3.78 Extra cables for Grove modules. Seeed Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer $35.75 The H3LIS331DL is a low power high performance […]

December 10, 2002
New BEP Application 2

We've got a new BEP application ready for you users of the Bicore Experimenters' PCB: The two motor Servocore Walker! Use two unmodified servos to set endstop and duration characteristics, slave them like regular bicores, add an IMx reverser, and you're trotting along!

November 9, 2000
New Kit: Type-1 Solarengine Re-issue

It's been a while since we've had this kit online, but due to some diligence we've found materials to update and re-issue it! Using the licensed "MillerEngine" (which we find to be a substantial improvement over the old Solarengine), we've changed the kit with a new black circuit board and updated documentation. Check it out […]

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