Looking for something special to do this Father’s Day?

SunSwinger PendulumPhotoPopper PhotovoreWe thought what better to do then build a robot? So we have picked three of our kits that you can build with Dad (or a Son/Daughter). And, not only can you assemble these kits in an afternoon, they will look great showing them off at work on Monday!

Never built a robot before? No problem, our robots come with top-notch components and documentation, and are developed from years of teaching robotics workshops. So, if you have never soldered before you can build our SunSwinger Pendulum. If you want to learn a bit more about robotics try our BEAM powered PhotoPopper Photovore. And if you want the real challenge, plus a robot that knows no bounds, try our xenomorphic Turbot Tumbling Robot.

Turbot Tumbling RobotIf you mention “Father’s Day Promo” when you are ordering, we’ll knock off another 15% from any of these three kits!