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Dave Hrynkiw
April 25, 2011

(Thanks for the interest - welcome Chris to the team!)

Our IT task at Solarbotics have grown beyond "Did you try turning it off and then on again?", so we're in the hiring market for an IT Guru & website manager.

Please, we're only interested in applicants that can work here, in Calgary, Alberta. Sorry, this position doesn't apply to remote-work, so if you're not local, you simply aren't in the running, m'kay?

We're a 17 year old company that develops and sell robots, electronic parts, and tools to a DIY audience. We're big into Open Source Hardware, where we share our full designs with our users, and build (real) bits from bytes.

We're a smallish company with ~10 employees, and we're looking for just the right sort of IT geeks.

The primary task is going to be migrating our in-house developed website to an open-source solution. This encompass practically all tasks, including software selection, migration planning, outside consultant liaising, and making it work. Don't worry about making it pretty - our graphics designer has that well in hand. For this project, we're in need of somebody that's handy with:

  • .NET framework (for our existing website)
  • Database management
  • Open-source ecommerce solutions
  • Quickbooks integration

Besides this project, we need help with getting other secondary IT tasks done, including:

  • Tuning/fixing internal VOIP hardware ("Hey, has that cordless handset been added to the phones yet?")
  • Mapping & updating backup procedures ("Wow, we have 4 layers of redundancy? Do they all work?")
  • Monitoring internal Linux data server & network for performance & maintenance
  • Developing/tweaking custom internal apps, such as
  • Production database applications ("GRRR! I need a utility that lets me calculate burn rate of these items!")
  • Custom machinery (pick and place) utilities ("Stupid obsolete equipment")
  • (Yes, the above quotes are actually taken from in-office meeting notes
  • Getting equipment ready for exhibitions where we often need to connect to our IT systems back home to process payments
  • Configuring remote logins And of course, there's occasionally a pesky PC needing some love (with a hammer, if need-be).

We have a pretty diverse staff where most everybody knows a bit about everything, so it's not a position where you'll be dropped in cold with little assistance. We're hoping to hire someone experienced in the areas we need addressed, but enthusiasm and a willingness to learn can be a viable alternative.

We will consider hiring two people for this position if you have a favorite buddy who's also looking for a job and you think you'd do well together. Hey, we have had up to 3 married couples working here at one point...

It's a full-time, 40 hour/week salary position, $40k~$65k /year.


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