Friday New Product: Metric Hardware

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July 4, 2014

It's another Friday and we are back with the product that makes sense - it is metric! It is not measured in twips, poppyseeds, barleycorns, yards, furlongs, or any of this funny stuff. It's your good old straightforward decimals.

Metric 2.5mm Hex Nut - 25 Pack
Metric M2.5 Hex Nut, in packs of 25, for your metric applications.
Metric Pan-head 2.5mm dia x 8mm long Bolt - 25 Pack
Metric M2.5 x 8MM pan-head bolt, in packs of 25, for your metric applications.
Metric 2.5mm Washer - 25 Pack
Metric M2.5 Washer, in packs of 25, for your metric applications.
Metric 2mm Washer - 25 Pack
Metric M2 Washer, in packs of 25, for your metric applications.
Metric 2mm Hex Nut - 25 Pack
Metric M2 Hex Nut, in packs of 25, for your metric applications.
Metric Pan-head 2mm dia x 8mm long Bolt
Metric M2 x 8MM pan-head bolt, for your metric applications.

And that's what I was taught in good old Soviet Union - use your decimals and eat your rocks, I mean, potatoes.


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Circuit: Lightstorm

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