EZ-B Wall-E, Even More New Stuff

So last week we put the EZ-B Robot Controller Suite up for sale, and what appears up on Hack A Day not long after that? This impressive modified Wall-E that has a built-in camera, voice recognition, and object tracking. And what does it use to control the whole show? That’s right, an EZ-B. This would be where we assume complete and total credit for this awesome ‘bot, and talk about how it wouldn’t have been possible without us making the EZ-B module available, but… Turns out this project was done by DJ Sures. You know, the guy who invented EZ-B in the first place. I don’t think there’s any way we can even steal a bit of credit for that one. All jokes aside, this is a really great example of what’s possible with the system. It can be about as powerful and flexible as your need it to be, and at the same time it has a pretty intuitive interface. Check out the video linked to from the Hack-a-Day article for a run-down of the build:

Hrm, what else is there… Oh right, more new stuff! This post actually gets us all caught-up with the stuff that we’ve neglected to let you know about over the past several months. The last of the old new stuff, if you will. But don’t fret – we have some new new stuff to show you next week. It’s like one long happy train of goodness that uses its cow catcher to haphazardly plow through a crowd of boring bystanders, causing them to fly through the air in a comedic manner and litter the countryside with dazed expressions on their faces. Er, yeah. You know what I mean. ONTO THE GOODNESS!

PICkit3 2002 Samsung VFD Display ModuleMicro Bluetooth USB Adapter
Hakko FX-888Simple USB Host Shield for ArduinoSmall 7-key Remote Control

Once again folks, that about wraps things up for another week. Here’s hoping that you can drive your own happy train of goodness through your weekend, using your cow catcher to fling aside those pesky responsibilities to the side to pursue something fun.

…yeah, that analogy sucked. Enjoy it while you can – I don’t think I’ll be breaking it out again.