EZ-B Sale, More New Stuff

Dave Hrynkiw
July 16, 2011

Well, we waited. Patiently you might say. After all, this Friday post is coming to you on a Saturday afternoon. But we still didn't receive any customer projects to show off. We don't ask much. Send us a photo. Maybe a handful of words to accompany it. But noooOooOooOOOoo. Now here we are, already part way through the weekend, with nothing. So you leave us with no choice. We're putting the EZ-B Robot Controller on sale by $20, just so that there's something interesting going on.

It's actually a pretty neat device, that uses your PC via Bluetooth to do most of the heavy work. Because it uses your computer, it's pretty powerful and uses pretty intuitive software that makes controller robots pretty straight forward.Anyways. We have a bit of good news - we've finally filled our purchaser position! I'm sure you're wondering why you should care, but what it means is this: We're going to have better control of our inventory (meaning less stuff sold out/back ordered), and there's more new stuff coming in. That list of shiny items was whittling down, but now it's starting to fill back up. Here's what we have this week:
Port Expander Shield PWM ShieldMicroSD Card Adapter
Gravitech Serial Character LCD Driver Board Kit (Non-USB)Green LED w/ Flexible Leads3.3V Regulator TO-92 Pkg

  • Port Expander Shield - Allows you to easily add more digital outputs to your Arduino
  • PWM Shield - Will fit on any board that is pin compatible with an Arduino Duemilanove.
  • BNC Shield - Allows you to hookup any sensor that has a BNC connector.
  • MicroSD Card Adapter - Perfect for mass storage, WAV/MP3 player and data logging, breaking out the MicroSD socket to a standard 0.1" 8-pin header.
  • Serial Character LCD Driver Board Kit - Designed base on a popular serial LCD driver IC, created by Maryland EE professor Peter Anderson.
  • Green LEDs w/ Flexible Leads - These consist of a bright LED and flexible twisted lead wires that have a 2 slot female connector on the end (which can be removed).
  • 3.3V Regulator TO-92 Pkg - This regulator can handle up to a 20V input, and a 250 mA output.
  • 3.3V Regulator TO-220 Pkg - A 30V input, 1.5A output, and a delicious chocolate coating. No wait, I'm pretty sure that last bit is wrong.

...aaaaand that's it. I know Calgary is lookin' pretty good this weekend, so we hope everyone can get outside and enjoy the summer, if the weather allows. Take care!


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