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Dave Hrynkiw
January 12, 2003

Neil Sandstrom from the BEAM mailing list recently posted a notice about his "ShokHead" circuit built from our tutorial. What makes this project a bit different is that he mounted it on a VPM motor, so it's all self-contained. Here's what he says about it:

 Just finished!!! Check it out it is really small!! Uses all smd parts except Main Cap and PDs.  Parts 1 x SB VPM vibrating disk motor 2 x SFH203PFA Photodiodes 1 x 74AC240 (SOIC) 2 x .22uF 16 Volt smd cap  Miller SE... 1 x Panasonic BP2422 Solar Cell 1 x MN1382-J (smd) 1 x ZN2106G (SOT223) 1 x SB Small 1000uf cap 1 x TMMBAT42 (smd schottky diode) 1 x .22uF 16 Volt smd cap It turns a small amount but it does function well. Maybe a bigger cap like 3300uF in the next one. I temporarily gave up on Fled and Fred heads and opted for the very low part count and easy freeformability of the Solarbotics ShokPhoto Head Circuit. Thanks SB!!! 

He's also posted links to the videos of it here.
Due to bandwidth constrictions on his present server, we're mirroring the large video file here.
Nice job, Neil!


June 27, 2014
Friday New Product: LED Embers and Conne...

This is a random photograph of the sun the other day for attracting attention. Now, you can see what we got to offer this week: USB A Female DIP 90 $1.25 These type 'A' female USB connectors are the standard when it comes to connecting peripherals to your project. LED Embers - Pack of 6 […]

August 21, 2009
Didel Gears, LilyPad

Alriiiight. This week we've got a small handful of new plastic pinions (not to be confused with plastic onions) from Didel. These little units are great for sliding onto pager motors and mating to other gears. 0.71mm 6-Tooth Pinion 0.81mm 9-Tooth Pinion 0.78mm 12-Tooth Pinion 0.82mm 12-Tooth Pinion And, as promised last week, we've got […]

August 16, 2005
So long, and thanks for all the fish!

And so closes a great 5 year run, my thanks goes to Dave & Cheryl for all they have provided, to our interesting customers and the friends I have made along the way. I do plan on remaining quite active in the robotics field and attend what competitions and events I can. If you have […]

June 1, 2012
New Product Friday: Introducing the Sola...

Lights. They're so purdy. Whithout 'em, we'd have one heck of a time to find things that would hypnotize us so effectively. So this week we have a few different LEDs that we're now carrying as well as... A NEW KIT! That's right, we're releasing a brand-new Solarbotics item with built-in blinky light technology. The […]

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