Cool Links Wednesday: Cats, Whales and J...

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August 26, 2015

Brought to you from every corner of the great internets.

il_570xN.817161110_5687 Laser Cut Junk Food
..  by I'm Your Present (Via TLC)
tread0 Leatherman Tread
..and the unboxing of it. Wonder how it will behave at airport security..(Via Notcot)
2015-08-25_1006 Blue Whale Experience
This is what it looks like being a blue whale and feeding on krill, by the Goldbogen lab at Hopkins Marine Station (Via IFLScience)

Solar Windows
We like everything solar! Would be so nice to see it manufactured. (Via Designboom)

7098641439834957747 Das Katzetelegraf
Whatever makes cats' life better is a good thing! Read on at Hackaday.


May 24, 2012
Arduino Leonardo Preorder, Cool Link Wed...

Big news! We've put in an order to bring in a schwack-load (a scientific unit of measurement) of the new n' shiny Arduino Leonardo. We can't quite say when they're set to arrive, though, but we're hoping it'll only be a few weeks...ish. Looks like this will be a really popular board, due to the impressive […]

October 2, 2007
Tah-DAAAA! Welcome to the new digs!

...And by "digs" I mean website! Thanks to all of you who've dropped in for a looky-loo while the paint dries. We're still (metaphorically) moving the furniture in, but everything is ready to roll. Stay tuned while we finish tweaking and installing new content! Thanks, Dave

February 27, 2009
PICAXE Project Boards

For the past few months we've had bundles for many of the PICAXE project boards. They come with cables and a battery holder, and are generally what you need if you're getting started in this kind of stuff for the first time. But what if you already have all those fun appetizers on the side, […]

May 25, 2006
Closed for St. X-Men Day

Solarbotics will be closed between 11:00 AM and 3:30 PM MST on Friday, May 26th to celebrate the III some-what annual St. X-Men Day. We will respond to calls as soon as we get back.

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