Closed Friday, April 21st.

Dave Hrynkiw
April 21, 2011

Fun fact: The Friday before Easter used to be just like any other day of the week. But then they ('they' who? THE GREAT THEY, THAT'S WHO) decided that no, this Friday should be set apart from all the other Fridays of the year. So they tried attaching different names. First was Bad Friday, which was a complete fiasco and the events thereof are not to be discussed under any circumstances. Mediocre Friday came next, but no one seemed to care. Okay Friday was a little bit later, and aside from being a hit with greeting card makers, no one seemed to pay any attention. Tuna Friday was a step in the completely wrong direction, and the ensuing riots claimed many innocent lives. Finally Good Friday was introduced to a rather lukewarm response. Fearing further backlash, the experiment halted there and the day was to be forever stuck in a category between slightly-better-than and not-quite-noteworthy. You know, where things like a boring weekend at home, the Transformers movie, and cheap take-out Chinese all belong.

But where are we going with all this? We've decided to change Good Friday into Great Friday by taking the day off. (BAM! INSTANT CATEGORY LEVEL-UP!) And, as we all know, taking the day off for something automatically makes it totally great. So, as a result, Solarbotics and HVW Tech will be closed on Friday, April 22nd. Ye fine standard rules apply - feel free to place orders online and leave phone/email messages. We'll resume order processing/shipping and responding to any correspondance when we're back open on Monday.

Maker FaireAnd while we have your attention, we just want to let you know that we'll not only be attending Maker Faire in San Fransisco this summer (open on May 21 and 22nd), but we'll also be running an Arduino/ARDX workshop. Drop by, say hello, and learn the ropes of one of the most popular development platforms out there.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

PS- I was kidding about Transformers. I'm not sure there's a category low enough for something so devoid of any redeeming qualities.

(addendum from Dave: Transformers wasn't that bad. Wasn't worse than "The Last Airbender", right? And it had robots. Not much acting, but HUGE, fricken' robots!)


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