Closed for Easter Weekend, Special Deal

Dave Hrynkiw
April 9, 2009

We're coming up on that magical time of year when rabbits tend to poop chocolate eggs. Which, quite frankly, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Couple that with April 1st, where the object is to mess with people, and this sure makes for a bizarre month. But hey - when a strange, chocolaty rodent is enough to warrant a day off how can you complain?

Yup, that's right - we'll be closed Friday April 10th. That's not to say everything will come to a standstill - you can still submit emails, place orders, and give us a call. Well, you'll be greeted by the answering machine for that last one. It always loves a good chat. On Monday the 13th things will be back to normal and shipping resumes.  We'll be responding to inquiries and messages as soon as possible.

Will you be lonely without us around? The least we can do is ease the pain. You know those Serial and USB PICAXE Experimenter's Kits that are on sale for 5% off? For this Easter Weekend only we'll double that to 10% off. On Monday it goes back to ye fine 5% discount. So nab 'em while you can folks, while the quantities last.

In the mean time, the team here at Solarbotics and HVW Technologies wishes you a Happy Easter! May you find and collect all the little chocolate rabbit droppings your heart desires.


March 23, 2016
Wednesday Links: New Materials, Music Ma...

Liquid Metal to Make Stretchable Electronics The elastic tech has huge potential for wearable tech, mobile devices, and even electronic "smart clothing." New Material Inspired by Geometric Patterns Inspired by the intricate geometries and repetitive patterns found in Islamic art, researchers at McGill University developed a material with new properties. (Via ZME Science) Kinematic Petals […]

December 10, 2004
GM16 - Bertsch

Elegent motors anyone? Not for mini-sumo, that's for sure!

July 5, 2010
Pew Pew

You will not believe what happened today. Our boss showed up to work today wearing a red shirt with beige pants. BEIGE PANTS! Also, he just so happens to be leaning on the brand-new laser that was delivered not 20mins ago.  It's a 60W Eplilog Helix (which you may have figured out for yourself), and […]

June 25, 2011
Marble Catapult, New Product

Check. This. Out. Don from Ontario sent this video our way, of a marble catapult machine he made that uses the GM18 30:1 Mini Metal Gearmotor. He goes into great detail on the mechanics and engineering, and the action starts around the 3:37 mark. We can't believe how intricate the design is, and can't even […]

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