Christmas Specials, new Webmaster, and s...

Dave Hrynkiw
November 27, 2000

HO HO HO ("HACK, cough, cough, sniiiiiffffff - aHEM"). Now that the winter holiday season is upon us (with associated illnesses...), it's time for us to finally unveil our annual Christmas sale!

This year's sale includes:

  • SCXMas1 - Solarcell pack (2 each of the SC2422, SC2433, and SC3733) for $21 ($28 CDN)
  • SCXMas2 - Solarcell pack (2 each of the SC2433, SC3733, and SC3766) for $29 ($38 CDN)
  • CPXmas1 - Capacitor pack (2 each of the CP1000, CP3300, and CP4700) for $6 ($9 CDN)
  • CP1.0F - Two Panasonic 1F 2.5V Gold capacitors for $8 ($10.50 CDN)
  • CP0.33F - Two Panasonic 0.33F 2.5V Gold capacitors for $10 ($13 CDN)

We also have blow-out prices on BEAM/WCRG Millennium GamesMemorabilia. Only $5 ($6.50 CDN) for a full colour T-Shirt or Robotgames Rulebook!

Please also be welcoming Eric, our new web-master. He's a Electronics Engineering student at Devry here in Calgary, with a good head for this web-stuff and databases. With him on board, expect some changes in the next few months.

Sorry for the shortage on the SC2433 solarcells - they're now back in full stock.


September 18, 2008
Telephone interruptions Scheduled

Now why would we schedule interruptions? Umm... because it gives us time to enjoy a cookie and milk without the phone ringing. Every accidentally dip your headset mic into a glass of milk? It starts to smell funky in a day or two... Anyway, it isn't really our fault - it's just some local infrastructure […]

June 25, 2013
Back on Track

Hey everyone, while parts of Calgary are still in recovery, things are now back to normal on our end. We're processing and shipping out on schedule, and unless you're in a flood-affected area you'll be receiving your order on time. Thanks for your patience!

February 25, 2002
Maxim 8212 in stock!

FINALLY, after several phone calls, our shipment of Maxim 8212 configurable voltage detectors has shown up on our doorstep. All BEP customers who ordered with the accessory package can expect a small package from us in the next little while with your missing 8212's. We'll be putting them on regular sale in the next little […]

April 4, 2007
2006 Maker Faire

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