Catalog glitches…

Grrr… Time to start handing out the 1000 lashes with a wet noodle. There’s a few pricing errors in the new catalog 6:

  • The RM2 motor is not 2 for $10.75/ea CDN – it’s 1 for $3.40 or 2 for $2.85/ea CDN
  • The SC2422 solar cell is not 2 for 2.55/ea USD – it’s 2 for $3.25/ea USD
  • The GM8 and GM9 gear motors are not $5.50/ea – they’re $10.55/ea CDN

Sorry about the confusion, folks. I wish we could afford to honour the under-pricing and correct just the over-pricing, but we have a staff to feed and free community servers ( to support!