Canadian National Exhibition and Califor...

Dave Hrynkiw
August 14, 2000

August 14, 2000 - Canadian National Exhibition and California State Exhibition Quick news: I'm (that'd be me - Dave) off to Toronto to go attend the Canadian National Exhibition (otherwise known as "The Ex") from August 18 to September 4. In attendance will be myself (Dave Hrynkiw), Scott Martin, Mark Dalton, and to lesser degrees Andrew Miller, Richard Weait, Mike Treceiski, Amar Bedi (all the way from India), and yes, even Mark Tilden himself. We'll be exhibiting BEAM and Solarbotics stuff, with working demonstrations on assembly techniques. That is, we'll be building right there! Come on over to the Automotive Building and say hi!

At the same time, we will have a display at the California State Exhibition. Expect to see a ScoutWalker 2 with SunSeeker Head, two Miniballs, a BRUTE of a Unicore BEAMant prototype, a Turbot Prototype, and some Symets. Additionally, Mr. J. Vernon also has a selection of his creations at the display! Although we won't be there ourselves at the display, come on out and have a look-see. (anybody want to blow a roll of film on the exhibit? We'll trade a PhotoPopper kit for it!) Also new: Finally revamped and put the SunDancer Magbot Butterfly PDF instruction file online.



September 9, 2014
Calgary Mini Maker Faire

... is over and it has been great. The weather cooperated, TelusSpark Science Centre grounds cooperated, squirrels cooperated, people checking out our booth were awesome, every single one of them. Check out some photos of the event on our Flickr stream. And our Marble Machine got featured in this great video by Paul Spenard: Not […]

December 10, 2014
Wednesday Links: White Stuff, Weird Stuf...

Fineck not Fennec The neck of the person in coexistence with computer is usually in miserable state, but we rarely think about it until it's too late. So - gadgets to the rescue! (Via Designboom) Armrest Battle Solution? Oh the personal space... No number of smart gadgets can help when airlines stack people like sardines. […]

January 20, 2014
TechBurlesque Fundraiser on January 17

As a worthy conclusion for the last workweek on Friday night we attended TechBurlesque show, which was a fundraiser for the upcoming 2014 Make Fashion Gala & Fashion Show. It was hosted by Endeavor Arts Gallery located in the downtown Calgary. In preparation to the show we have donated a bunch of electronics and glowy […]

December 11, 2010
Scribbler S2 in stock

Parallax is already sold out of the successor to the Scribbler. We have some still!

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