Yoicks! Lotsa new stuff!

Well, the pile of stuff we’ve just got in finally fell on me, forcing me to deal with it. Got some neat new stuff!:

  • GMTT Traction tires for our GMPW and SW wheels. Ideal for mini-sumo robots!
  • GMWW02 Wheel Watcher Encoder kits for the GM2/3/8/9 series gear motors, and GMWWS
    spacers (needed for GM2 & GM3)
  • PRet
    Plastic Retainers, which are quite useful for making micro wheel hubs
    on RM1a style gear motors (Herbies – wheeee!)

  • TBlk2
    Two-position Terminal Blocks, when coupled with our Tact1
    springs make great tactile sensors like the ones on our ScoutWalker

That’s it for now, but we’re still working through the summer towards some
cool new stuff for the fall. Stay tuned…(enjoy your summer in the meanwhile –
we are!).