Yaaaarrr! Solarbotics successfully boards HVWTech!

Ummm, yup! Here’s an April Fool’s joke for you – that April Fool’s wasn’t a joke!

Solarbotics has indeed taken over the operations of HVWTech.com! The owner of HVWTech has new priorities in his life (about 1 year old, drooling, and crawling around on the floor), and decided to hand off operations to us. We’re excited to be playing with all these new gadgets and gizmos, and promise to deliver HVW Technology’s products to our customers with our standard high-quality service.

So what does this mean to the future of both companies? We’re working on that. We plan on new product introductions on boths sites very soon, so keep an eye on Solarbotics and HVW Technologies!

Yaaarrrr! Strike the Jolly Roger, and hoist the banner of Solarbotics!