We’re CLOSED for Maker Faire

Maker Faire

Yeah, we warned you. We’re not even in our office to write out this newspost. Nay, this is one of them fancy pre-recorded messages. It may or may not self destruct.

So, yes, we’re closed from May 19th (Thursday) to the 24th  (Tuesday). We’ll resume filling/shipping orders and replying to any correspondance once we’re back in on Wednesday.

But what if you just can’t stand to go without seeing us? Come drop by Maker Faire! We’re running free Arduino Experimenter’s workshops (based on the ARDX kit) at booth #53 all day. Drop in, say hi, and learn something new! Unless you already know ARDX stuff inside and out. Then drop by and learn something old. We’d love to see you either way.

This message will now self destruct in 3, 2, 1…