Weekend Tidbits

Being April in Calgary, it should come as no surprise to any of you that yesterday we had a lovely blizzard which melted and froze, coating everything in a delicious layer of ice. This, of course, is somehow connected to the fact that Solarbotics El Presidante, Dave, is currently in Las Vegas where it is most certainly not snowing. His excuse is that he’s there for a pick-and-palace conference. We think he used voodoo witchcraft to escape the ugly weather while the rest of us had to stay and suffer.


We have a few small odds and ends for you to check out this weekend.

  • We’re proud to announce a brand-new partnership with DitenTec. If you’re looking for a distributor of Solarbotics parts in Argentina, they have you covered.
  • Our pals at GoRobotics.net are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a totally awesome contest. They have $1000 in prizes to hand out to those who createand enter a project. Hit up the link to check it out.
  • Robofest 2010 took place this March, and they’ve just posted some video and photos. Looks like it was a blast!

That about wraps things up for now. Have a good weekend everyone. Hopefully one without snow and ice.