Wednesday Links: Transparent Aluminum, Gloves & Pins

alon-dome Transparent Aluminum
Well, technically not exactly aluminum, but aluminum-based ceramic called aluminum oxynitride. Still with quite magical properties. (Via Makezine)
concealed_layers_of_product_life_renee_verhoeven Concealed Layers of Product Life
Renee Verhoeven’s grad project explores the relationship between anatomy and mobility in the series of gloves, using laser cutting. (Via Mocoloco)
giant-robot-food-pins-04052016 Asian Snack Enamel Pins
These lovely pins by make me hungry(Via Nerdist)
laser-cut-fox-animation-1024x569 Animated Laser Cut Fox
There’s something beautiful about the materiality of this animation which went from a drawing to a laser cut. (Via Ponoko)