Wednesday Links: Speaker, Picobug and 3D Printer

OLO-smartphone-3D-printer-designboom-01-818x460 3D printer Using Smartphone Light
The creators claim this is the first of its kind, high-resolution portable 3D printer. Interesting idea. (Via Designboom)
picobug_hed-1459273259048 Tiny Picobug
It is adorable and multi-modal – it is capable of flying, crawling and grabbing. (Via IEEE Spectrum)
sc05724 Illuminated Bluetooth Speaker
A combination of white oak and LED-illuminated acrylic makes this a stylish enclosure. (Via Hackaday)
laser-cut-lock1 Laser Cut Padlock
The longevity of the material for the task is questionable, but still a cool idea..(Via Ponoko)