Wednesday Links: Smile TV, New Materials and Weird Engine

Brief summary of today’s short issue: it is about squishy mice robots that feed on the dark matter, live in weird motors and make TVs smile.

Smile TV
Pretty retro-looking 4-legged TV leaves you smiling like an idiot in order to watch anything. (Via Designboom)
How Squishy Would You Like Your Robot?
Finally science moving in the right direction – making robotics more human-like and organic like. Squishy is good! (Via IEEE Spectrum)
The Weirdest Engine
Hopefully it works just as good as it looks… (Via Gizmodo)
Super Black Material
Aside from all jokes about ninjas, goths and little black dresses, this is mesmerizing and I can’t stop staring at it. (Via IFL Science)

…as opposed to mice that feed on light.