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January 30, 2014

Today I wanted to share a how-to of one of my projects with you. So once I had some cats. And an extra apple tree. And I wanted to be noticed in the dark. So I made some fruit batteries out of apples and attached them to the running jacket. This way I could burn more calories with the added weight while I run, and have a snack on the go (don’t eat the copper or crack a tooth on the nail if you decide to repeat my project).

Pulse Jacket
In line with all the wearable technology craze, this Pulse Jacket by Miria Grunick is a great application. It reacts to heart rate while you run and makes you visible to all the nighttime traffic. (Via Hackaday)
blank Long Exposures and Fruit Batteries
There's something cool (or poetic) about illuminating long exposure photographs of fruit with the light that they generate. By Caleb Charland, via Colossal.
blank Soil Moisture Sensor
Monitor the soil moisture using only nails and little bit of electronic ingenuity, by Manoel Ramon, via Arduino blog.
blank Light Transformed into Sound
Wassiliscope, a device called after Wassily Kandinsky, turns light into sound in real time. Can see all the practical applications for it. By Christopher Yamane, via Designboom.
blank Robotic Whiskers
Now this is the cutest robotic application so far, introducing Shrewbot the whiskerbearer, and the second generation - e-whiskers. (via IEEE Spectrum)

And what about cats, you would ask. In this case cats don’t have any practical application, they are there for attention grabbing purposes only.


June 29, 2007
Cold, hard, steel... mounts!

Need another way to mount your GM2/3/8/9 gear motors? Their built-in holes are nice, but sometimes, you have to really clamp it down in a different way. Welcome the GMB28 (for GM2/GM8) and GMB39 (for GM3/GM9)! We now have our own custom-made laser-cut steel mounts that clamp and bolt your motor down securely and easily!

October 16, 2012
New Product Friday: Cables, Adapters, Ju...

Well, I'm officially out of words, and again reverting to non-verbal expression.  I already tried to interpretively dance the new product post before. That leaves me completely out of options here. So how about I sleep interpretively? Or breathe... Now, that's just plain weird. Better I sleepwalk then: 4-conductor, 20AWG ribbon cable (Blue, Green, Yellow, […]

October 17, 2008
Austin Maker Faire 2008

It's that wonderful time of year when you can see your breath in the air while you wait at the bus stop. Frost decorates the blades of grass, motorists spend five minutes scraping ice off the windshield  before departing and there are hints of snow when you look up at the hills. So what's a […]

January 4, 2013
Friday New Product - MicroSD Adapter, Po...

Welcome to the first Friday of 2013. This is better than the first Tuesday, because as you may have guessed, after the first Friday comes the first Saturday! And that leaves me endlessly satisfied that everything is as it should be, and the new calendar doesn't need "convincing" for what order the days should go […]

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