Wednesday Links: New Materials, Music Marble Machine & more

futurism Liquid Metal to Make Stretchable Electronics
The elastic tech has huge potential for wearable tech, mobile devices, and even electronic “smart clothing.”
material New Material Inspired by Geometric Patterns
Inspired by the intricate geometries and repetitive patterns found in Islamic art, researchers at McGill University developed a material with new properties. (Via ZME Science)
Photo-Feb-06-7-16-10-PM Kinematic Petals Dress debuts at MFA | Nervous System
3D kinematic dress inspired by petals, feathers and scales (Via Creative Applications).
marble Marble Machine
A gigantic marble machine making music using 2000 marbles (Via Wintergatan)
solder A soldering iron out of BIC gas lighter
Interesting idea, maybe not that great in terms of safety though..(Via MrGear)