Wednesday Links: MarshmallowMatic, Etch a Sketch and Bionic Kangaroo

So there’s one link today that makes my artistic soul happy – it is the laser-controlled Etch A Sketch. Although I never owned an Etch A Sketch (some smarty pants might say right here that in Russia we used rusty nails to draw on cardboard instead), but the idea to draw with a laser beam seems extremely attractive.

Smiley Face Screws by Yuma Kano
This needs to be a standard, eventually expanding the range of screws to :< (sad)ಠ_ಠ (sad in Kannada) and ~(_8^(I) (Homer Simpson). (Via Colossal)
Smiley faces toasted on marshmallows – there’s potential , except for I don’t know exactly how much toasting is involved in this one… (By Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, via Gizmodo)
An Etch A Sketch Laser Cutter Makes Your Crappy Drawings Permanent
Folks at Just Add Sharks hacked Etch a Sketch to control a laser. (Via Gizmodo)
Japan gets serious about 3D printing using titanium
Would be nice to see 3D printers work period, and then work using titanium. Maybe Japan will make it happen… (Via
Bionic Kangaroo
Compared to the kangaroo produced by nature this little fella looks a bit wobbly, but still pretty impressive. (By Festo, via IEEE Spectrum)

So does the marshmallowBot: devouring your artwork and getting it destroyed with stomach acid – you cant get more conceptual than that!