Wednesday Links: Marble Clock, Robot Arms and 3D Printed Ear

It’s the summer! Or something somewhat similar… And this is the summer issue of the new links. Not the last one, of course.

Mechanical Ball Clock
Wood? And marbles? And it’s a clock?! This needs to be shown! (Via Dangerous Prototypes)
Magnetic Sand Hourglass
Don’t we all love things to fidget with? This one will not only help you kill time but also feel guilty about it right away – it is a clock after all. (Via Gizmodo)
Robot Arms
Another 9 pairs of those, and maybe we can compete some Hindu gods… (Via IEEE Spectrum)
3D Printed Ear
Now this is kinda creepy – should we address this ear by its name? (Via Designboom)
Light Painting
It’s the glowing brain! (Via Hackaday)