Wednesday Links and MakerFaireYYC

MakerFaireYYC – we were there, to prove that check out some pics on our photostream. Also in our spare time we browsed some internets and brought you some hand-picked links with random, funny, interesting and cool:

Little Robot Friends: Customizable Robots with Evolving Personalities
Toronto-based Aesthetec Studio created these awesome little robots that communicate with the environment, they are Arduino-compatible and reprogrammable.
Oree wooden trackpad + marble wireless charging pebble
They look soooo good – the question is: how do they work?!
Russian skywalkers photograph European buildings from the air
Oh Russians doing illegal things again… Climbing on highest buildings in Europe and walking way too close to the edge.
A sweet ceiling fixture upgrade by NYC Resistor; lots of blinky RGB LEDs are always fun.
Alarm clock of the short now
Raphael Abrams‘ clock for the lazy who don’t wanna bother resetting their alarm every time they go to sleep. Goes off after a set duration of time. Make sure you get your sleep – any time of day or night.

And again, just reminding, we are still very skeleton-staffed for a little bit longer.  Oh, these skeletons are useless, I wish they helped at least a little. They sit all day and drink diet Coke and eat muffins. Stupid skeletons.