Wednesday Links: Acrylic Clock, Spritz and Seawater

Oh this time of year back again. I mean the time when I wear 4 layers instead of 8, which in Canadaland is called “summer”. The icicles become somewhat warmer and Canadians wear shorter shorts than usual.

Acrylic Skeleton Clock
“Acrylic” and “skeleton” in one sentence? That should be interesting… (Via Dangerous Prototypes)
Speed Reading with Spritz
Now that we’ve done away with paper books, time to get rid of paragraphs, lines, margins, leading, kerning, orphans, widows! Er, I mean in typographical sense. And my eyes hurt from spritzing. (Via Designboom)
Not a Camera Camera
I have a suspicion this is a very expensive and vague play on semantics, but my mind refuses to go any further. (Maker’s website, via Hackaday)
3D Printing Soft Objects
Finally, soft stuff! Hope it doesn’t smell like burnt sugar though… (Via IEEE Spectrum)
Seawater Magnified
Yisss! Always have dreamt of swimming in the fish soup! (Via Laughing Squid)

Now that the snow happens just every other day, the AC and fans are coming on. Yay for the summer!