Wednesday Cool Links – Twitter for the Birds, Pixar Lamp, and some Robo-Goodness

So, there we were: Sitting at our desks, at our computers. And before we knew it, BAM! INTERNET! And when you’re unexpectedly faced with this kind of a freak-circumstance, there’s only one thing you can do: find something worth sharing. So here we go, our latest round of absolutely life-shattering links. You’ll never be the same. We know we won’t be.

Hungry Birds on Twitter
Birds have the right to tweet! While eating. By Attaching bacon fat squares to a keyboard, birds can create tweets on the @hungry_birds Twitter account.
Pixar’s Luxo-Lamp as a hardware media project by Adam Ben-Dror. Love it, but the servo gears definitely need some sound-deadening grease.
Robot Caterpillar Tank Treads, Johnny Five Style – 3D Print
A complete instructable for 3d printing a a toy version of the robot from Short Circuit, Johnny Five, including DWG and STL format files for the base and treads.
The Present: An Annual Clock that Tells Time in Seasons
Yet another Kickstarter project that made it successful and is now available to the public – a clock that marks not minutes and hours, but the change of seasons with its one hand. We think it’s probably pretty tough to forget what the season currently is, but… This is still pretty neat.
Simplifying Fabrication of Soft Robots
Peristaltic pumps pushing air or liquid using the bulb of a blood pressure cuff… We’re not sure what all that means, but it certainly doesn’t sound like a robot? Yet it is how the soft robot might work, made even easier by using 3D printed molds, explained in more detail here.

You wouldn’t believe it. Even this morning I was on the way into the office, sitting on the bus. I took out my phone and before I knew it, BAM! INTERNET! All up in my face. You never see it coming…