Wednesday Cool Links: They’re Back!

Yikes. It seems like we’ve been sorely neglecting our Wednesday Cool Link duties over the past month. Let’s fix that, shall we? Here’s our latest selection of neat-o internet thingers.

Tom Sachs’ Firearm… Things
Yana pointed out this interesting mixed media artwork gunwork firearmwork thingwork. It’s not actually functional, but it’s a neat example of what you can accomplish by combining some generic hardware objects. There’s also a nifty pistol.
Calgary Comic Expo – Electromagnetic Ferrofluid Window
Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid, suspended in non-magnetic fluid. Apply a magnet, and it’ll move around in all sorts of hypnotizing ways. Click through to this post and check out some of the videos to see it in action. Some of them show it combined with the Zendulum, which makes it look… Oddly sentient.
Nintendo Characters as Ukiyo-e Prints
Classic Nintendo characters as traditional Japanese illustrations? Yes, please. Seriously, just click through to see it for yourself.
Tiny Drill
A customer sent found and forwarded us this link. He was looking for DIY screwdriver solutions, but this was a bit small for him…
Miya Ando’s installation of 1000 bioluminescent floating leaves
This is stunningly gorgeous. Miya has taken phosphorescence-coated leaves and set them adrift in a pond. The photos are pretty captivating.
Re-visualizing Newton’s Cradle – Asobi by Yasutoki Kariya
This artist has taken the classic Newton’s Cradle and recreated it using… Lightbulbs? Seems like it’s asking for broken glass everywhere, but the end result is surprisingly awesome.

Must… stop… watching… animated gif…