Wednesday Cool Links: Lotsa Arty Stuff

Ok, yes, we know. This is yet another late cool link post, but… We have a good excuse, honest! We just got in a second laser (from Full Spectrum), and we were distracted for most of yesterday getting it up and running. So enough excuses – here’s this week’s batch of links:

PVC Instrument, DRS Talent Show
This made the rounds a little while ago, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. Some dude of extreme PVC-hitting talent playing a fun medley of tunes.
The Invisible Bicycle Helmet
This is pretty crazy – a pair of Swedish designers are working on creating an invisible bicycle helmet. It’s like an airbag for your head, that you wear as a collar. Really intriguing possibilities…
Photographer Caleb Charland Uses Alternative Batteries
Caleb Charland makes some really compelling photographs from his light projects powered by the likes of apple trees, fruit baskets, and stacked coins. Impressive scientifically and visually.
Magic Carpet – Daniel Wurtzel
 It isn’t robotics, but it could be. It isn’t dancing, but it could be. Trust us, this is a fascinating mix of art, wind, and music!
This is What Happens When a Squid Listens to Cypress Hill
Keep in mind that squids don’t have ears. But this experiment converted the music to an electric signal, and the results are captivating.
Networking 400 Balloons with XBees
Rob Faludi just wrapped up a project where he lit up a 73 mile-long string of massive balloons that sync together with XBee. It looks like it was a massive undertaking, but the results speak for themselves.

The jury is still out on what we think of the Full Spectrum in comparison to the Epilog, but we’ll probably do a short write-up for everyone once we’re make up our minds.