Wednesday Cool Links: Laserin’, Artin’, Drivin’

This week: Blizzards. Ice. Snow drifts. Rather sunny and warm. Wait, what?

Yup, we’ve seen it all this week folks. All that’s left is for delicious pastries to start falling from the skies, and we can check off the last item on our home-made “meteorological phenomena” list. And boy, you have no idea how long it took to cross “raining clear pomegranate juice” from the list. I think we’ve all licked more than our share of puddles, trying to not let a single freakishly fruity storm cloud pass us by undetected.

So, while we sit here pondering pastries, have a look at some of the stuff online that’s been distracting us from licking whatever drops out of the sky:

Box Designer Tool
Use a laser cutter or just want to fold your own boxes? Check out this nifty online tool.
Below the Boat – Laser-Cut Topographical Maps
These topographical maps (showing elevation) have been used by laser-cutting and stacking pieces of wood. The finished product is quite stunning.
Re: Sound Bottle: a Device that Creates Your Own Personal Soundtrack
Jun Fujiwara from the Tama Art University has made this neat project that lets you capture (record) sounds into a bottle, which become music.
Indoor Temporary Nimbus Clouds
Netherlands-based artist Berndnaut Smilde found a way to create (very temporary) clouds indoors through the use of smoke, moisture, and light, and captured it with some stunning photography.
1967 Toyota 2000GT Solar Electric Vehicle
We’ve seen our fair share of electric and solar-powered vehicles, but I hereby declare this as the SEXIEST ONE EVER. Classic Japanese hot rod mixed with modern electronics? Yes please.

Although, we’re all a little bit more wary about hail ever since that crystallized dog food hail the other week. We thought for sure it was chocolate. It wasn’t.

Although Ruby (the shop dog) had the time of her life.