Wednesday Cool Links: Flying Things and Other Things, Too

Wednesday, the boring ol’ hump of the week. What better way to pull through than with some distractions? Here’s our latest batch of neat-o internet distract-o thingers:

Sylvan Lake Robotics Club Looking for Members
If you’re around the Sylvan Lake area and what to dip your toes into the big ol’ pond that is robotics, Mark Custance is trying to get a club off the ground.
Adventures With Wall-E (Full Sized Replica)
Nice video segment about the builder of a real life-size Wall-E (one of my favorite robot characters). If you can get past the “Radio-voice” announcer, it’s a sweet piece.
Robotic Start-up Companies
There’s a map being developed to track new Robotic Start-ups. Unfortunately we’ve been in business too long to qualify, but this might still be a neat resource to discover some cool stuff in your neck of the woods.
Soft Autonomous Robot Inches Along Like an Earthworm
Memory wire + plastic tubes = robot wooooorms! We’re not sure if this is cool, or just plain creepy. Regardless, it is impressive.
ATMOS Autonomous Plane/Quadrotor
It’s the ultimate UAV for people that want to have something that’s neither a autonomous plane or a quadrotor, but still want both (huh?). This project from the Tu Delft University (in the Netherlands) is mighty cool.
Robotic Bird Takes Flight Into the Future
Hey look, it’s another flying thing! This is a remote-controlled flying robot that flaps. It’s quite hypnotizing to watch. So hypnotizing that it was featured in a TED talk a while ago.
Autonomous Robotic Plane Flies Indoors at MIT
Another flying thing! Those MIT goons do it again with some amazing parking-garage flying of autonomous aircraft.
Light Painting Mosaics by Brian Matthew Hart
We’ve all seen long exposure light painting photographs, but these ones by Brian Matthew Hart take it to a whole new level. He’s broken up some single images into hundreds of smaller, individually-show frames that were put together separately.

In other news, I’ve decided that these Cool Link posts have an unacceptable lack of electronic/70’s British rock visual puns. Let’s fix that right now (bonus points if you can guess the first one before seeing the second).