Wednesday Cool Links: Flying Tacos, Atom...

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May 1, 2013

We are back to out regular Wednesday Cool Links, and to celebrate this occasion, we are treating you with more Wednesday Cool Links. I know, pretty original, right?

Grant Imahara gets a taco by copter at RoboGames 2013 (Video)
While RoboGames is an exciting event as is, being attacked by taco-slinging Hex-copters is a whole different story. Although the victims and witnesses state of the considerable taste enhancement of said tacos after the snacks have been airborne.
blank Pointer Pointer by @StudioMoniker
Amusing, but truly useless. Almost as useless (ok, just as useless) as the Useless Box!
blank IBM precisely places atoms to create the world’s smallest movie
Atoms make a sound when moved around! They look much like pixels, although pixels don't require two 2-ton microscopes and the temperature of -268oC in order to keep them still, which is a definite plus, because most of the movies are still produced using, hm, traditional methnods.
blank Wristwatch made of sandwiched PCBs
A wristwatch made of three stacked PCBs with a touch sensor which activates to display hours and nearest five minutes. Precision you say? I say aesthetic!
An Interactive Forest of Musical Lasers by Marshmallow Laser Feast
An interactive installation consisting of vertically installed rods when touched trigger both audio and visual cues. The description doesn't do it justice, check out the video.

So next time we are going to celebrate the Second Week of Return of the Cool Links Wednesday, you guessed right, with more cool links. And now I'm most likely going to celebrate One Hour Before the End of Work Day, with, you guessed right, more work!


February 12, 2015
More Grove Parts from SeeedStudio

SeeedStudio Grove modules, including a flame sensor, skin conductivity and touch sensors, IR send/receive units, and an ultrasonic sensor

June 19, 2003
GM5a's sold out!

Gahh! Man, are these Escap motors popular! We're already sold out of these high gear-reduction versions. We'll have to see what we can do to get more online soon...

July 26, 2005
BIG Solar cars in Calgary tomorrow!

The America Solar Challenge finishes here in Calgary tomorrow (July 27) betweein 11 and 3:30pm! The teams are coming up over McKnight Blvd., which isn't far from our offices. We'll be out watching them go by for a few hours tomorrow, so if the phones don't get answered for a bit, you'll know why. Go […]

May 3, 2011
Zendulums for Japan - results!

We've wrapped up our "Zendulums for Japan" support drive, and we're happy to announce we've sold 84 kits for a total of $2,396.07. A donation of $2400 is being processed to Red Cross Japan. Thanks  to all for assisting in our little effort to give some help!

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