Wednesday Cool Links: DIY Cellphone, Smart Sock and Lions

Meteor showers! This week! Everybody watch! And other than that, watch the links. They are shiny too and they come out at night and eat all your strawberry pie and pencils… Er, no, they don’t, actually. But they will only shine the light of their internet goodness on you:

My open-source, do-it-yourself cellphone (built with Arduino).
DIY cellphones are nothing new, but this one by David A. Mellis features LED matrix screen and live hinge laser cut enclosure. And it’s all open source!
Solar-Powered Ubuntu Laptop Lasts 10 Hours on a Charge
Sol laptop runs on Ubuntu and claims that after being charged for 2 hours (using those foldable solar panels) it will give you 8 to 10 hours of battery life.
3D printed robot slides under doors and travels up to 5.2m/s
This is a pretty agile robot! 3D printed and traveling on spoke wheels legs, it is able to change height and slide into tight spaces like under doors.
Hacking Sensoria, the smart sock
Introducing – helicopter controlled by Sensoria the smart sock by [Andrew].
National Geographic Robots Get Intimate With Lions
Robots are awesome for getting very close to lions. They let film the animals at an eye level, they are less intrusive and replaceable.

Other than that they are completely harmless and don’t pose a threat to humanity. I will post some more of these next time.