Wednesday Cool Links: Digital Ruler, Painting Robot, RGB Pixel Video Game

I wonder what’s going to happen if you stuff all the dry beer ingredients in your mouth? Would you turn into a foam spitting monster, a rabid-looking human? Read along, and you’ll know what I’m talking about:

Glassified: Augmenting a traditional ruler with digital functionality
I am past needing this for school, but I sure want it nonetheless!
Vertwalker Painting Robot by Sonice Development
We’ve seen many a painting robot on horizontal surfaces, now this one eliminates the need to put your paper down. Ready for gallery walls and fame! I only wish the components and principles of functioning were listed…
Tomas Saraceno’s Solar Bell Floating Sculpture Takes Flight
Early inventions of Alexander Graham Bell reinterpreted as utopian flying cities by Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno.
Packets of Instant Beer Are Now a Thing
KoolAid now in beer flavour? With foam and alcohol content and all? Not sure if I’m sold on this fast food version… But it sure might be handy at hikes and camping.
One Pixel Video Game Rises from RGB Button Hardware
One pixel video game is my type of video game. That’s about all I need in that realm… High quality graphics an’ all…

Well, I just have a suspicion that this particular contraption needs to be used strictly according to instructions. That, however, doesn’t relate to other things that can be made better by seeing what’s inside and figuring out how they work. Happy hacking, or whatever you do in your spare time.