Wednesday Cool Links: Clocks, Cloudscapes and Arduino

You know, sometimes it is hard to find a proper tone of voice to write these introductions. So how about I express what I wanted through some interpretive dance? *flails extremities randomly. That would do it, right? Being all multidisciplinary-like, merging art (of flailing) with technology (of flailing), just like our today’s links:

Twenty two servos and an awesome clock
[ebrithil] used an Arduino Mega and 22 servo motors to create an awesome clock that looks like an LCD display and sounds like… servo motors.
Bioinspired fibers change color when stretched
Bastard hogberry is a weird name for a shiny fruit that uses iridescent colour to attract birds. Now scientists at Harvard University recreated its light reflective properties to create a material that changes colour when stretched.
Creating cloudscape sculptures from laser cut layers
Beautiful 3D clouds out of opal acrylic by New Zealand-based artist Helen Reynolds.
Resurrecting 45 Roses of Jericho with an installation monitoring visitors
Another interactive installation controlled by Arduino Mega. It features 45 Roses of Jericho which are a hardy desert plant that can survive without water for long periods of time. One plant is randomly selected to be watered based on the number of people visiting the installation.
Heavy machinery sculptures
Belgian artist Wim Delvoyle uses laser-cut Corten steel  to create life size sculptures of heavy machinery equipment where all the shapes are interpreted as complex and lacy Gothic patterns.

Now, the conclusion will be a slower dance, as everyone is tired from browsing too much internets. Probably some gentle seaweed-like swaying would reflect the idea of closing sentences of this wonderful post. Until next week and have a wonderful summer evening, wherever you are.