Wednesday Cool Links: Car Radar and… Home Decor?

Ok folks, here it is. Your weekly dose of links. Enjoy it. Love it. Let it soak into your skin. Bask in its magnificence.

Bravit, The Multi-flame Candle
This link comes to you straight out of 2008, but it’s still pretty awesome. This is a candle that has a wick that branches out to create multiple flames. Apparently it was inspired by the molecular structure of cholesterol. Because, you know, cholesterol is pretty neat or something.
Video Based Car Radar
Not quite robotics, nor embedded systems, not even Arduino. But DANG – coding your own video-based radar system with machine learning? Very cool.
Custom and Studio Furniture
Everyone likes furniture, right? This gallery shows of some mighty fine craftsmanship, but at the bottom is a keyboard that features very green glass keys. Too bad there isn’t much further information.
Embracing Power Cables
More home decor! This is a neat idea to use your power cables as decorative elements, fixing them to your wall in impressive patterns.
Brecce Collection dal Fuorisalone Milano 2012
MORE DECOR! This is the last one, promise. This designer has taken pieces of wood scraps and uses LEDs to turn them into subdued lamps.

For some reason, we seem to have leaned towards an unhealthy amount of home furnishing/decorating. That’s because we’ve decided to move from selling electronics to starting our own interior decor business. Actually we didn’t, and that’s probably a good thing because instead of furniture we’d just put either Robots or Other Robots everywhere.