Wednesday Cool Links: Bioluminescence, Ferrofluid, Aerial Laser

Keep warm! What else can I say… This is the season of thermosocks, spice chai, frozen windshields and many layers. For those who are not hibernating just yet, here’s a weekly dose of entertainment:

Bioluminescent Bacteria Lamp
I want one! Hopefully no bacteria were hurt in this lighting experiment, and they were all paid accordingly before being let go home into the Mediterranean. (By Teresa van Dongen, via TheFoxIsBlack)
Glowy Zoey Costume version 2.0
Simple as a stick person and brilliant as RGB LEDs idea, also reacts to sound. Video
Ferrofluid as Album art
Ferrofluid can be strikingly psychedelically beautiful too. Especially if given some color. (Via Laughing Squid)
Wax Motors
A comprehensive teardown of a wax motor. (Via Hackaday)
An Aerial Laser Display
Seems a little seizure-inducing at the moment, but looks like it has big potential. (Via Colossal)
LED Wood Clock
Wish it was shown with the lights off/at night.. (Via Imgur)