Wednesday Cool Links: Aquatop, Autopilot, RoboGuitar and Keys

We are going places! And coming back! And going again! Does that sound familiar? I think I said that before. Yeah, that’s what we do, we are unstoppable indeed. In this case, we are very excited to be going to the Open Hardware Summit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as  a

really soon – on September 6, 2013. But before we set out on another trip, there’s stuff to see here too:

AquaTop: a gaming touch display that looks like demon possessed water
Precisely – demon possessed water that you can touch. The Japanese are crazy. In a good way. Combine the passion for using info media in hot baths with Kinect and you got… right, demon possessed water.
MAV lab creates world’s smallest autopilot for micro aircraft
Perfectly tiny (only 1.9g and 2x2cm) autopilots for tiny zooming spying drones.
Retrotechtacular: The 10-year anniversary of plastic
Love this Retrotechtacular rubric at Hackaday! Check out a blast from the past video on 10-year anniversary of plastic – no one speaks like that any more…
[Update] Vladimir’s Robot Guitar
Who needs musicians now? I think we are done with that finger-muscle-joint human-powered stuff! Check this out, true mastery. Now someone has to compose music for more than 10 fingers.
Making keys after the apocalypse
Need some keys duplicated in the post-apocalyptic setting? This tutorial will show you how to make them. I bet they will be a hot fashion accessory, along with bottle caps and light bulbs.

Now that we’ve traveled all over the internet, I might wanna journey into the kitchenland to the microwave to get some foods… That was exhausting…