Wednesday Cool Links

Here we go, it’s the W day again. Seems like the previous one was two infinities ago. During that infinite time we had plenty of opportunities to pick the interesting stuff floating around internets, and bring it to you:

Headphone Light Show
EL (electroluminescent) wire is a cool thing. Add it to the headphones and make it pulse with music and that’s triple-cool.
Internet radio occupies an 80-year-old radio case
An internet radio is housed in an old case by “His Master’s Voice”, and stuffed with a 10″ laptop and Arduino that makes for a hack that is aesthetically pleasing, useful and clever. More details about the project from Florian Amrhein, the maker.
Fast Track
This piece is a part of land-art festival conducted in Nikola-Lenivets, Russia, which is in the middle of nowhere for most of non-Russian population, and translates something like “Nick the Lazy”. The installation piece itself is a road about the length of a city block, which is at the same time a trampoline. Now I understand whyfor the Lazy!!
Solar “Death Ray”: Power of 5000 suns!
A fiberglass satellite dish covered in 5800 mirror tiles focuses and amplifies the power of sun to ignite pretty much any organic material and melt metals.
Circuit Board Skeletons
Yet another set of artworks utilizing PCBs and electronic components. “The circuit board sculptures were a logical outgrowth of the more two-dimensional landscapes, using nature as a model and creating delicate objects out of these obsolete, but formerly cutting-edge technologies.” (from the artist’s website)

Aaaand that concludes the fine selection of links for today. See you in couple infinities!