Wednesday Links: Solder Paste, Tiny Robots & Typography

Saying “links” – implying “Wednesday”, saying “Wednesday” – meaning “links”. Inseparable like yolk and white,  heart and attack, bugs and spray. Here they are, the links.

NASA Releases Many Printable 3D Models
Yesss, lot’s of grey filament and here you have yourself an accurate 3D model of your favourite asteroid. (Via Fabbaloo)
Solder paste
…looks cool under microscope! (Via NYC Resistor)
Tiny Walking Robots Powered by Muscle Cells
Biorobotics is the way to go, I say. Do away with bulky square leaden boxes. (Vie IEEESpectrum)
goTenna Portable Telephone Network
Sad, I guess you can’t watch movies on that… (Via Designboom)
Generative Typography with Processing
Coding to create hairy text – I’m all for it. (Via

…. And Red and Green (and Blue)!