Valentine’s Day, New Book

Ahoy mateys!Valentine's Day Lantern

Erm, perhaps an “Ahoy darlins!” would be more appropriate, due to the rapid advance of Valentine’s Day. Yup, the 14th of February is only two-and-a-half weeks away. That means it’s time to hunker down and get a certain something for that certain someone. And what better way to tell The Significant Other that you love them almost as much as your electronics than with a spanky new Valentine’s Day themed HexPummer Lantern. One side has a pretty flower, the other a genetically mutated winged baby that’s wielding medieval weaponry (also known as “Cupid”), and plenty of lovey-dovey hearts in between. And as a nifty treat you’ll now find that we’ve added yellow and green lantern colours. Don’t fret – red will be available shortly.

In other news, we just added another great book to our library – Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mimms III. Says the Solarbotics President and our fearless leader, Dave Hrynkiw:

[Getting Started in Electronics] was where I started learning about the wonderful world of soldering irons and robots. The hand-written diagrams and instructions are neat, clear, and concise, and made you think you were working from the personal notebook of somebody who had seen it all and done it all before. And that’s pretty much true!

So there you go, a glowing review from a glowing reviewer (we slipped an LED into his lunch).

(…not really…)

Feel the love!