Tis National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrrrrrr….Tis the official “Talk Like a Pirate Day” this fine Septembarrrr the 19th. For all ye landlubberrrrs, thatÂ’s this Monday September the 19th. If ye be an unbeliever, check out the official site here.

In celebrrration of this fine tradition, we be offerrring a special deal. Everyone knows that every good Pirate needs a good Turrrbot on his shoulder. (Parrrots…Turrrbots…same thing) Soooo….

Anyone who calls the Solarrrbotics office and places an orrrder for a Turrrbot will be given 15% discount off the cost of the kit…with one small provision.

Ye must talk like a Pirate! You saavy? Allrighty then, a quick recap…call the office (toll free line 1-866-276-2687) and talk like a pirate and ye be the lucky winner of 15% off yerrr Turrbot kit.

Do ye dare?