Things for Movin’ an’ a-Groovin’

Pololu Wheel Encoder (for 42x19mm wheel)Alriiiight – it’s time to shake and twist and turn! We got three new toys to show off, and they’re all about movement:

Now, these are fantastic and all, but we know that everyone has the same burning question that can’t be avoided. “How do I make my moovin-and-a-groovin’-bot if I only want to use a single AAA battery?!” Well, we’d use the 1-Cell AAA Holder that we brought in just for this very purpose. But I guess if you want to use it on something other than your movin’-and-a-groovin’-bot, that would be okay too.

Speaking of movin’ and groovin’, Alfredo Borboa pointed out a cool project he’s working on that involves attaching markers to our Photopoppers.


If you’re in the area, it’ll be on display in Mexico City at the National Center of the Arts, October 1st to October 10th. Go check it out!